Attention! As I‘ve promised in previous reviews concerning games from R.S. now I do. A mysterious world of newage Templars is opening in front of us and the Broken Sword game ( in czech little bit freaky sounding as „Zlomený meč” ). For this game you rather preserve plenty of free time, not because of the game would be so difficult or hard, but that’s why you will certainly return to it manytimes, so as I do. If we had compared games of another companies that time (1996), Broken Sword would turn up as a absolute winner. And that is worthy thing because for example games such as Three Skulls of the Toltecs or Bud Tucker in double trouble were also very good. BS came out on two CDs with original dub which is quite the same till the third episode. And on the top of it it was in the same year translated by Bohemia Interactive into the czech language.

Our distressful story, which has till today 3 original and 2 fan sequels, begins on holidays in Paris. It’s sunny afternoon and our main character, George Stobart, is just having a good time on his deserved vacation at one caffé on the main street. Everything is quiet and peaceful until a skittish run of a clown, who left his accordion in the caffé. After a while just BOOM and you are covered under a curtain of a sunshade. Fortunatelly not injured and ready for an adventure. To be honest I even don’t know where does it took in that „Yankee“ but the truth is he will travel almost all around the world – Scotland, Spain, Syria etc. In every single state, in every single city you are step by step putting together tiny clues about why it all started and who is behind it. In effort of searching for the truth will be handy to you young french newspaperwoman Nicol, who is by the way obviously interested in getting you to the bed (so just because of that I would play it till the end).

By playing the game I was fine relaxed and I can recommend it to all of you who prefer point and click and by hand animated scenes. It’s just tainted by leftover from the past times like – possibility of death of the character or sometimes tough quests such as goat in Scotland or two maffiosos in front of hotel Ubu – elder and more experienced gamers surely know what’s going on.

Author: Dark_Man.X
Broken Sword The Shadow of the Templars
Revolution Software
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